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In the year 1999 TEAM 154 joined the Roparun for the first time.
In those days the run started from Rotterdam and finished in Paris.
We started as a company team. We enjoyed to contribute to charity: the Roparun, under the motto: Adding life to the days when days can't be added to life.

Since the run also starts from Hamburg, we decided to start from there.
 In 2015 TEAM 154 became an independent team and is now a foundation.
Our main sponsor stopped, but the team didn't : we will go on.
We introduce ourselves and our sponsors to you through this site. And tell about our enthusiasm and the reason why we run every year with a lot of joy and energy.

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Roparun 2019 date 09-06-2019


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Countdown to jun 8 Th 2019
start of Roparun from Hamburg

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On 8 June 2019 I am again at the start of the Roparun (www.roparun.nl). a relay race from Paris or Hamburg to Rotterdam with the aim of raising money for palliative care for cancer patients.
As team 154, we have the honor to bring up Roparun half of the Memorial Chain, an ever-growing chain in memory and support to people with cancer, from Hamburg to Rotterdam.

You may also want to commemorate someone with cancer, a survivor or a loved one who has died via a coin on this chain. For € 10, =, which goes entirely to the charity, a special coin is created with the name and / or image of the person you want to remember or support. And as an applicant you will receive your own copy as a keychain sent home.

We then, with a lot of respect and respect, put your coin on the chain from Hamburg to Rotterdam.

To order a coin to this chain and support the projects of the Roparun Foundation at the same time: Go to www.gedenkketting.nl and fill in the details ..